With two feet solidly in Reggae. Juggling elements of Jam, Roots, Rock, Pop all into Party. Always sharpening an ever evolving musical arrangement of Vocal Melodies and improve jams that can go any direction during any song on any given night. The music and lyrics are catchy and upbeat, with ever changing and flowing setlists of medley’s galore. There live show guarantees not just music for your ears, but also a high-energy, powerful experience you’ll never forget. Qwister promotes positivity and spreads a conscious message, all while having a good time and keeping the party going !!!!

Ryan Melquist(Vocals/Guitars/Harmonicas/Loops/Synths) has been playing music for the better part of 20 years from Churches to Living Rooms to Bars to Beaches to Venues and Festival Stages across Western NY to California back to the East Coast and everywhere in between.

They currently are based out of Jamestown, NY where they can be seen as a Duo or Full Band ‘Qwister’ with Tristan Lee Fox (BassGtr/Vocals/NotThatFunnyComedy) & Alex Devereaux (Drums/Vocals/Comedy), Alex Leyva (Lead Guitar/THC) and T.R. McKotch(Auxiliary Percussion/Hernia), and don’t forget SketchyBeatz Zac Imus on (Hand Percussion/Bass/Electronics & Full Beer Pitcher Chugs). Get ready to rock the boat with them at a location near you.